Which one will you be in network marketing?

Which one will you be in network marketing?
The truth is the odds are against you; chances are youll be a statistic.
Hmmmmm bet the super star space commander upline guru that signed you up or wants to sign you up told you that did he/she?
Here are a few stats that may alarm you:
Did you know that 70,000 people sign up into a network marketing company EVERYDAY?
But did you know that 95% of the people that sign up into a network marketing company will quit within the first year?
Well there are a lot or reasons, poor support, poor company, poor product, poor compensation plan, poor upline. But to me one of the biggest reasons is
Most people have been lied to from the get go.
Many of the people who are recruiting people into companies (hate that term recruiting) are lying to people and telling people what they want to hear so they will join their company.
Now on one had you cant blame many of these people, therere just doing what they were taught by the person that signed them up, and thats usually some person with the recruit, recruit, recruit mentalitythose are the people I blame.
Hey the great news is you DONT have to be a statistic. You just need to be taught the correct way of building your business, but first you need to know some of the lies youll probably be told or already have been told.
My first and favorite lie:
Make a list of your friends and family because thats who were calling first.
Hey upline line guy, are you crazy? Thats the last thing, no thats what you NEVER do. Because of this one lie there are thousands of people that have been shunned by their families.
Your friends and family members turn off the lights and pretend therere not home when the see you coming. Ring any bells?
By all means share your product or service with your family and friends but not the business opportunity. Many of your friends and family members are NOT looking for a business opportunity, the truth is most of your friends and family are going to spend more time discouraging you then helping you. But dont get mad at them they think therere protecting you, ignore them and build your business.
Let them come to you, once you become successful in your business, your friends and family will notice and then theyll ask you what youre doing.
Heres a tip. This is your business and you DONT want everyone in your business that includes your family and friends. Only share your business opportunity to people who have raised their hand to you and say. Im interested or Show me what youre doing.
Lie number two;
Recruit, Recruit, Recruit. You need to make a 100 phone calls a day and remember for every NO you get youre one step close to a YES.
I would love to track down the putz that said this. Let me ask you a question.
How many times do you like hearing the word NO?
How much do you like being on the phone every day hearing the word NO?
I think its safe to say, You dont like it very much
The word NO has taken so many good people out of this business. Here is an example my mentor shared with me and it really hit home for me.
Duffy youve set up candles, soft music some good wine a great dinner a bit of hugging and kissing then your spouse says NO. All right just 99 more times and youll get lucky.
That put things into perspective for me real fast.
Did you know that 90% of the population is sales resistant, no wonder youre hearing the word NO so much.
And some knucklehead says NO is a good thing. Moving on.
Lie number 3,
If you have no warm market you need to spend money and buy leads.
WRONG!! You DO NOT have to buy leads. Personally youre just wasting your money. Therere people spending hundreds of dollars every month for leads. STOP IT!!!
Remember a bought lead is a bought lead. I dont care if you paid $5 or 5 cents a lead is a lead. When you call these leads chances are they dont remember what forum they filled out or the person gets upset because you called them.
Once you truly understand that people are not numbers, they have goals and dreams just like you. And theyre real people. And just like you they dont want to be lied too and just like you they want a true opportunity to fulfill those dreams and goals. If you get just this youll go very, very far in this business.
Network marketing is a Relationship Business NOT a Sales Business. As soon as you understand that youll have people saying to you PLEASE sponsor me into your business
Until then youre DEAD in the water.
I have NEVER bought a lead with my network marketing company and I dont spend 10 hours a day making phone calls, I have people contacting me everyday asking me about my business.
If you had people calling you how do you think your lead calls would turn out compared to you calling people? Please tell me I dont have to answer that for you.
For those of you buying leads stop wasting your money, prospects are everywhere.
I have tons of ways of getting leads for free, but heres one tip that will reveal prospects to you everyday.
First LISTEN to people, thats the most important thing you need to do. Youve heard this One mouth two ears Listen twice as much as you speak.
Ok how do you determine if someone is a prospect?
Lets say you have a company that provides a nutritional product that helps with weight loss. And now lets say youre talking to someone and they are complaining about how they cant lose weight.
All you have to say to this person is this: Have you ever thought about doing something about it?
If they say YES you have a prospect, depending on the time and place this person has just given you permission to provide them with a presentation of your product. You could give them your business card, send them to a web site or provide them some brochures about your product. Or ask them for there contact info so you could send them some info later.
If the person says NOyou say, OK.
THEY ARE NOT A PROSPECT, REPEAT NOT A PROSPECT forget about them, move on and keep listening.
This is just one-way therere lots of other ways to find prospects. The point is you never have to buy leads to find prospects.
Its a shame that so many lies are being told just to get people into a business, just because the rest of the world is doing it doesnt mean you have to. Tell people the truth, listen to them and truly hear what they are saying. Build relationships; help a person, thats how you build a business.
If you can help them GREAT if not thats ok too. Not everyone is suited to fit into your business; and you would be a fool to think so.
Personally I would rather have 10 people that wanted to be in my business and that I told the truth to from the get go, then a 100 people I told what ever they wanted to hear so they would join my business.

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